About Affimed

Breakthrough cancer therapies:
Directing the immune system to eliminate tumor cells
Company Background
Affimed was founded in 2000 based on technology developed by the group of Prof. Melvyn Little at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. Today, the company has a pipeline with two clinical-stage projects based on this technology. In 2009, Affimed set up its wholly owned unit AbCheck in Pilsen, Czech Republic, which focuses on fully human antibody screening and optimization. AbCheck offers its cutting-edge services to third party customers and acts as a strategic partner to Affimed by providing integrated research. More recently, Affimed’s partner Amphivena was set up to develop a TandAb product for Janssen based on its proprietary technology. Affimed is a public company trading on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol "AFMD".
Proprietary Platform Technologies
Affimed has three proprietary platform technologies based on its proprietary tetravalent antibody architecture characterized by 4 binding domains:

  Bispecific TandAbs engaging NK-cells (via CD16A)
  Bispecific TandAbs engaging T-cells (via CD3)
  Trispecific Abs engaging either NK- or T- cells

These tetravalent molecules bind to tumor and immune cells with high affinity. TandAbs are validated clinically by having demonstrated promising therapeutic activity in patients. Trispecific Abs are validated preclinically targeting two distinct tumor epitopes and engaging T- or NK-cells to lyse the tumor cells that express both targets.

Robust and efficient production processes for TandAbs have been established in mammalian cell systems. TandAbs® show high product stability.

Company Highlights
Affimed’s mission is to develop breakthrough cancer therapies. The company’s approach is to direct the immune system to eliminate tumor cells. Its next generation multifunctional antibodies (TandAbs®, Trispecific Abs) engage two of the most potent cytotoxic cells of the immune defense arsenal (T-cells or natural killer (NK) cells) and link them with high affinity and precision to a tumor cell, thus triggering an attack by the immune cell that ultimately results in the destruction of the tumor cell. 

Highlights of the company are:

  Lead product candidate, AFM13, is a first-in-class NK-cell
    mediated cancer immunotherapy.
  Growing pipeline of product candidates focused on key cancer
  Retained global commercial rights for the three candidates in
    the product pipeline.
  Experienced management team with a strong track record in
    the development and commercialization of new medicines.
  Strong technology base and solid patent portfolio in the field
    of targeted immuno-oncology.
Product Pipeline
Affimed’s pipeline product candidates AFM11, AFM13, AFM24 and AFM26 are unencumbered. Affimed retains all options to derive value from its product candidates, including commercialization in select markets when and if they are approved. To maximize the value of its platform, Affimed will continue to explore partnerships to support the development or commercialization of its programs in certain territories.
Clinical Development Candidates
Corporate Presentation
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