Affimed has built its pipeline entirely in-house and
retains full ownership of its three lead products

Product Pipeline

Affimed has developed a diverse pipeline of immune cell engagers based on its ROCK® platform. In addition to developing products on its own, Affimed will continue to explore partnership to maximize the value of its pipeline.

All products may be developed in several indications, opening up major incremental commercial opportunities in the future. Initially, Affimed will pursue indications in orphan areas or areas in which the medical need is high in order to expedite the time to patient.
  AFM13 is initially being developed for the salvage treatment of Hodgkin Lymphoma patients. These patients currently are left with limited options, including experimental treatments. AFM11 will initially be developed for relapsed/refractory aggressive Non- Hodgkin Lymphoma. Likewise, these patients are left with few options and have a poor prognosis.

If and when its product candidates obtain marketing approval, Affimed has the relevant management skills and in the future is prepared to market its products in select markets. The company anticipates working with established pharmaceutical companies in other markets thus generating income from royalties and milestone payments.
  AFM11 AFM11/AFM12   AFM13   AFM13&PD-1 AFM21
  ASCO 2017 AFM26            
  EACR-AACR-SIC 2017- AFM24 EACR-AACR-SIC 2017- AFM26          
  AACR 2017 – AFM13 AACR 2017 – AFM24   AACR 2017 – AFM26 AACR 2018 – AFM24  
  ASH 2016 – AFM13 ASH 2016 – AFM11   ASH 2016 – Trispecific Abs      
Affimed Pipeline
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