Business Objective

Affimed strives to develop breakthrough products
in the field of cancer immunotherapy aimed at improving
and extending patient’s lives.

Business Strategy
With its clinical-stage pipeline, Affimed is focused on the development of best-in-class cancer products, building on the strong foundation of its proprietary platform technologies and leveraging those in the context of high-value partnerships.
Affimed has developed an internal pipeline with two lead products, AFM13 and AFM11, currently in clinical phase 2 and phase 1 development, respectively. The next product in development, AFM24, is a TandAb targeting the validated tumor target EGFR. Affimed’s product candidates are unencumbered, and to maximize the value of its platform, Affimed will continue to explore partnerships to support the development or commercialization of its programs in certain territories.
Several other product candidates have also demonstrated high biological activity in pre-clinical investigations and the internal pipeline is being steadily expanded. In parallel, the company is leveraging its technology through both research and product alliances.
Affimed has access to integrated research capabilities for the generation and optimization of fully human antibodies. AbCheck's state-of-the-art phage and yeast display technologies as well as bioinformatics tools to identify antibodies that are optimal for the targets that Affimed or its customers select. Suitable binders are transformed at the Affimed laboratories into TandAb and Trispecific Ab formats and are further optimized. Affimed leverages these technologies for the generation of proprietary products based on non-proprietary targets or targets owned or selected by its partners.  Affimed has internal capabilities for the preclinical and clinical development of its product candidates, while also collaborating with various expert service providers. GMP material is manufactured in collaboration with contract manufacturers. Once its products approach approval, Affimed plans to set up an infrastructure for their commercialization.
Platform Collaborations
Affimed engages in high-value research collaborations that leverage its unique technologies. In 2013, Affimed entered into a license and development agreement with Amphivena, based in San Francisco, CA, to develop an undisclosed product candidate for hematologic malignancies in exchange for an interest in Amphivena and certain milestone payments. Amphivena received funding from MPM Capital, Aeris Capital and Affimed. Amphivena and Janssen have entered into an agreement that gives Janssen the option to acquire Amphivena at predetermined terms, and Janssen provides Amphivena with certain upfront and milestone payments. Amphivena has successfully reached its first milestone, the generation of multiple candidate TandAbs with a well specified target profile. As part of its business development strategy, Affimed aims to increase the number of research collaborations in order to derive further value from its platforms and more fully exploit their potential.
Product Collaborations
In August 2013, Affimed signed an agreement with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) under which LLS committed to co-fund up to $4.4 million over two years for the phase 2a development of AFM13. In doing so, the LLS recognized the critical need for safer and more durable therapies for HL. The LLS is committed to advancing breakthrough therapies, particularly for patients with unmet medical needs. The LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer; its mission is: cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.
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